Maria Djelebova Photography

Porfolio of one of the leading contemporary Bulgarian photographers

Selected Work

1998 / 2034


Text by Boris Danailov


Maria Djelebova (b. 1963) is one of the leading contemporary Bulgarian photographers of the last two decades. She is a graduate of the National High School of Polygraphy and Photography in Sofia and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Studies from New Bulgarian University.

She works in the field of advertising photography (she has her own photography and graphic design studio) while working intensively on individual projects that occupy a major part of her artistic endeavors. Maria Djelebova develops themes and subjects that reveal unexplored angles of everyday life, unusual views on seemingly ordinary objects and locations; she captures the traces of human presence in paradoxically unexpected places; she pins down the temporal changes in the world of objects. Her works stand out with their sophisticated sensibility, complex vocabulary of plasticity and impeccable technical execution.

These characteristics are present in her projects "White Within White" at Sariev Art Gallery, Plovdiv (2004); "The Ideal" (2004) and "Freeze" (2004) at Banya Starinna (The Ancient Baths) Contemporary Art Halls, Plovdiv; the Festival of Contemporary Art, Varna (2008); "Little Ida’s Flowers" at Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia (2010); Spritmuseum&Absolut Art Collection, Stockholm (2012); "Angels Also Take a Bath" at Halls for Contemporary Art-Ansient Baths/European Capital of Culture Plovdiv(2019) ; " From the first to the final frame"- City Art Gallery- Plovdiv.

The artist is the winner of the Bulgarian Absolut Art Competition- Spritmuseum & Absolut Art Collection-Stockholm; the Grand Prize for Photography at the International Exhibition of Print Communication Printcom, Plovdiv (2002); the prize in the New Media category at the Fourth Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence (2003).

Maria Djelebova lives and works in Plovdiv.

Contacts & Address

30 Avksentiy Veleshki STR.
4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria