The Last Supper | Trinity | Jesus | Adam | Eve Maria Djelebova | Fourth International Biennale of contemporary art - Florence, Italy prize in the category New Media | 2003

The Last Supper

There are no people in “The Last Supper” – there are only targets (victims) and people facing these targets (the shooters), who are also victims. Two opposing viewpoints, two sides pitted against each other, not wanting to, placed forcibly into the roles of targets and shooters. They have no choice, everything is predetermined, already decided, not by Fate, but by the New Dictator who toys with human destinies. The new dictator who destroyed the freedom of choice of thought, of speech, of life.
We believed in the freedom of the individual; we believed that dictatorships were a thing of the past; we were looking for the right track that would lead us to the Truth, be it the faith in God or the faith in the absence of God; still, in both cases, the faith in the value of human life. The faith that there can be life without murder, without betrayal, without blood and violence.
But... the violence, which destroys everyone, reappeared: God, his betrayer, and his followers. The violence, which unifies everything: there are no faces, no individuals, all are targets. The violence, which kills the Savior of mankind and all his disciples. Saints or victims, they are brought together in the image of the target, shooting and dying at the same time; everyone who shoots wounds himself first. This war in Ukraine destroyed civilization, destroyed democracy, destroyed our idea of a time without war, without shooting, without children crying over their dying mothers, without agonizing murderers cursing themselves, without civilians killed in their houses.

It destroyed everything that generations had worked for and achieved. As if we used a time machine and ended up in some old film that is playing in reality and it takes us back to the time of socialist dictatorship, the time of communist propaganda, of forbidden speech, of "arrested" thought, of manipulation and lies. Now, all of this is back but garnished with a lot of blood. There are victims on both sides of the barricades, victims to the insanity of a megalomaniac, a dictator who has forgotten everything that is human and normal, who has forgotten the value of human life.
And we are all targets, up against the wall!!!
Is there any hope to believe again that someone will save us?!?