Yes/No – Invisible Boundaries Maria Djelebova | Week of Photography Art - solo exhibition Balabanov House (Ancient Plovdiv, Bulgaria) | 2007

The visible boundaries exist so as to limit, enclose, to conservatively encase a given status quo. They are created in order to be clear while crossing the boundaries – to be visible. The “Yes/No” project comments the seemingly categorical articulation of the positive and negative. What is shown are the faces of people who are shouting “yes” and “no”, but in the two cases the facial expressions are the same, unchanged, showing no attitude to the message. “Yes” and “No” sound as if the message is the same. The sense of confirmation and denial seems to be outside the speakers, automatic, objectively defined. The invisible boundary is the nuance between the internal conviction, external utterance and personal perception. The project’s conception is that the visible boundary is subjective, while overcoming the boundary – a matter of personal choice.

Text Katrin Sarieva